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Beads Unique, perhaps the best that Trollbeads has created and continues to create many different colors, the result of continuous experimentation, working extremely detailed and complex. The creation of a "single" is the result of a creative process that takes about 30 steps higher than that of a normal bead in Collection. The gallery of Trollbeads beads is a unique project that Oromoda.net is developing over time to identify and order the most beautiful styles of beads unique Trollbeads. Many enthusiasts seek Trollbeads bead that best represents an emotion or Their unique situation that only a single bead can represent. Hence the need to identify recurring patterns. Oromoda.net hopes to provide an additional service, showing the highest number of projects, choosing names and subjects in which everyone finds a place, allowing them to find your unique bead.

The Beads can be also Universal Unique, characterized by a rivet silver larger so that it can be inserted in different bracelets, such as those Pandora or Chamilia.


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